Patrick Dean

Chief Operating Officer


Patrick Dean, is the founder of Real Estate Wealth Advisors. He is a recognized leader known for crafting the requisite strategic vision to achieve business goals; Patrick Dean offers a unique blend of executive acumen, private capital lending, global investments & networking, and business development. Patrick has earned his reputation over the past 15 years as a reliable expert in knocking down barriers, which consistently provides his clients and stakeholders with positive outcomes.

At Real Estate Wealth Advisors, Patrick spearheads a pipeline volume of $10 billion in real estate trophy assets, commodity transactions and global investments. Patrick continually seeks to capture direct buyer and seller relationships within the global investment space as a proven leader for off market real estate investments, private equity, wealth management, commodities and various asset servicing. In addition, he directs a large commercial lending volume. Patrick has entered the company into new market segments and expanded the company’s addressable market opportunity throughout the globe. Patrick has expanded REWA’s marketplace beyond small and medium companies to large enterprises, extremely high net worth individuals & institutions, hedge funds and sovereign investors. As a result, Patrick has broadened the company’s industry alliances, and established new selling, partnerships and distribution channels. Since 2013, Patrick has strengthened Real Estate Wealth Advisor’s management team with the integration of executives from other major financial and commercial real estate firms. Additional responsibilities are to accomplish stated objectives within the constraints of the project, planning, controlling & monitoring, allocating the assigned project resources to best meet project goals, and monitored “triple constraints” (project scope, time & cost) and managing competing project requirements.

Mr. Dean’s personal qualities & attributes are vision, building effective teams by blending people into unified teams, passion & energy and yielding great returns for his clients and all stakeholders. Patrick Dean attended Florida A&M University, where he majored in Business Administration. Additional Certificates & Credentials are Financial Advisor, Investment Advisor, Commercial & Residential Lending, Project Management, Life and Health Insurance & Annuity Licenses.