Sonja Foster

Licensed Realtor


Sonja, always had a unique interest in the real estate market. She worked for years as a legal assistant dealing with foreclosures, as well as home loans. Sonja received several awards for her outstanding achievements as a legal assistant. The exposure to both sides of the real estate market helped develop an understanding of the industry from a back office perspective within the inner workings of the banking industry, especially as it relates to the culture. Sonja decided to take her knowledge base and endeavor into the real estate arena as a Florida Licensed Realtor. Her understanding of knowing what not to do, served as a great foundation to provide excellent insight to her customers. Sonja’s understanding of buyers and sellers in this current day market is prized says her Broker Karen Fernando-Dean. Her humble beginnings, big visions, and great achievements has led Sonja Foster, as a trusted professional. Sonja, says “family is everything, while homeownership is the American Dream!” Sonja stands poised and ready to help families secure the American Dream by way of understanding, education, and fulfilling needs & desires one customer at a time! Sonja has great expectations in helping her customers with hospitality, honesty, and humility! Sonja Foster is a breath of fresh air during these challenging times! Sonja’s mantra in real estate is H.E.A.R.T ( Honest, Experienced, Experienced, Ambitious, Resourceful and Trust )