Real Estate Wealth Advisors has revolutionized the real estate brokerage industry. The firm has been designed to go far beyond simply facilitating transactions. It was developed as an intricate system dedicated to maximizing value for real estate investors, one property transaction at a time. Within our network we have institutional and private investors, banks, Hedge Funds, REITs, and sovereign funds with off market assets ready to sell. We pride ourselves in bringing the sophisticated buyer to the table willing and able to close the deal quickly and discreetly. Our Off Market assets range from luxury five star hotels to major city development projects. Our access to the most desirable and private international assets are not found on listing services; such as, LoopNet, Costar, or Propertyline. Although these types of offerings are similar to those found publicly; however, the deal terms and ROI are often markedly superior. Our platform includes but is not limited to; Multifamily, Retail, Net Leased Single-Tenant Assets, Office, Industrial, Residential, Hospitality/Golf/Resort, Wholesaling, REO investments.


How Can Real Estate Wealth Advisors Help You?

Unparalleled Client Services

We support you with an array of technology and marketing tools designed to produce efficient execution. Our state-of-the-art technology results in the most efficient marketing and closing processes in the industry.

Together, We Make Markets and Maximize Value

The scope of our sales force and relationships enables us to match properties with investors who recognize their full value and potential. Multi-faceted marketing campaigns enable us to “make a market” for each property.

Buyer Access

Our investment specialization and market area focus results in relationships with many private and institutional investors that help to generate the largest pool of buyers for each property we represent.

Advisory Services

Real Estate Wealth Advisors provides a wide range of advisory and consulting services to prominent real estate investors in the country, including developers, REITs, high-net-worth individuals and other institutions.


We have the experience and depth of market knowledge in investment properties and capital markets to flawlessly execute even the most difficult financing situations. We do business with some of the most highly recognized names in the industry on both a local and national level. Whether you need debt or equity, we bring the best solution to every financing need. Financing opportunities include but are not limited to private funds, Business, Agriculture/Ranches/Farmland, Foreign nationals, and Oil & Gas Royalty.