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Purpose, Progressive and Perfecting are a few great words to use when it comes to Real Estate Wealth Advisors.

Real Estate Wealth Advisors is searching for Realtors that are ready to become market leaders in real estate.  We have created new industry trends by abiding to core principles of reliability and unwavering expertise, as well as fresh dynamic ideas that sets us apart from the status quo. Real Estate Wealth Advisors provides sales training to keep up with the ever changing real estate market. In addition we support our Realtor-Associates with leads and all the tools necessary for true success.

When it comes to the Real Estate Wealth Advisors Team our primary focus is three fold; to attract people with a Purpose to achieve greatness every day, a Progressive mindset to be in the now, and a desire to Perfect ones craft with the ultimate level of customer service and care.  This is Real Estate Wealth Advisors commitment towards your success!

Here is what we offer:

  • Training
  • Office support
  • High commission payout
  • Bonuses
  • Leads
  • Marketing

Here are the requirements to be a Real Estate Wealth Advisor-Associate:

  • High school Diploma
  • A college degree is not necessary to work in the real estate profession. However, there are very specific requirements that people who want to work as Realtors must meet. In order to work as a real estate agent, it is necessary to become Licensed in the state where you wish to work. Regulations vary somewhat from state to state.
  • It’s necessary for individuals who want to work as Realtors to complete a real estate specific training program and to pass a state licensure examination. Realtors are also required to meet ongoing continuing education requirements in order to keep their licenses.
  • A passionate desire to make six figures!

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